Who is girl with pimples?

She is just another Pakistani Teenager girl. having acne prone skin,  She is happy in her skin. whenever she went to a family function aunties suggest her tons of Remedies AKA totkas . Like, Beta boil some mint leaves and throw them cuz they aren’t going to help or have some kachi lasi. even once a aunty during jumma prayers, Beta put that naswar your pimples will fade. But that girl with pimples always nod but never apply those totkas. So here she is still with her pimples. Started a website where she will share her baking experience. 

Anyways I’m FATIMA ABDUL REHMAN, College student from LAHORE. I’m also into books (not the course one) and painting.

disclaimer: This not a skincare blog (thanks for reading:)

My ART journey

 I used to watch  Mad rob and art attack and many other art shows on Television. But It actually started in 2014 when i had my Facebook account, So i followed every other ART page and start making every single thing. Meanwhile I Create a FaceBook page HERE .

In 2014 I also started watching Art n crafts videos on YouTube which was a upgradation to TV art shows. Might be after some months I had this thought that I will make my own craft videos. I tried making my own handmade camera stand with shoe box but I failed. anyhow I gave up.

By summarizing it , for almost five years I made tons of free websites and delete them(they were useless so I had to). I made ridiculously ugly videos.  I used  tons video editors but they all were not good enough ! 

So now this is my official Website and my Youtube channel now I can make and teach arts n crafts. and all this took only 6 years!

(30 august 2019 last update:)

It was supposed to be “why i started baking?” 

ANSWER: I started Baking because I love cake or anything that has chocolate. 

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